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Outlaw Snax

Outlaw Snax

Dangerously Delicious Chips In Stores Now

Outlaw Snax - Dangerously Delicious & In Stores Now

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The Wild Crunch

Get To Know The Most Flavorful Characters In The Universe

Discover the wildest bunch of Outlaws this side of the chip aisle. They’re heisting the boldest flavors in the universe and sharing them with the rest of us.

Meet The Gang
Kid Dynamo & The Sweet Heat Sisters.

Outlaw Snax Spicy Ranch Tortilla Chips

Outlaw Snax Are Available At These Fine Retailers And More Coming Soon

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Outlaw Snax will be popping up in snack and chip aisles all over the country to satisfy your cravings for unique and bold flavors. If you’re hungry for more information on Outlaw Snax or want to see it on shelves in your store, please feel free to reach out to us now.